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Editorial: A Warning of April Fool’s Shenanigans

april fools

By Patrick Lynn

Local politicians control our lives in more ways than we’d care to admit sometimes.      

Editorial: City, Police Dept. Should Have Promoted Heroin Summit

mayor and media

Left, Mayor Andrew Halverson talks with local media during an impromptu press conference following the March Common Council meeting. (Photo Bradley Makuski)

By Brandi Makuski

Stevens Point will forever be known as the first meeting place of the very first Heroin Summit held in Central Wisconsin.

Editorial: Business Council Misses Boat on Community Involvement


By Brandi Makuski

The Portage County Business Council seems to only welcome members of the public when they fork over some cash- and even then, only during certain events.

Editorial: Send Your Open Letters Supporting Candidates


By Brandi Makuski

With the 2014 Spring Election just weeks away, now is the time to submit your open letters.

We’ve seen plenty of opinion in the comment section of this website, as well as social media, blasting or praising area officials on a variety of topics: now we’re asking you to put your name on that opinion and share your thoughts with the entire community. In this country, it’s not only permissible to question those in elected office, it’s our responsibility- and it all starts with an open letter.

Editorial: Police Did Their Job in Drug Raids

SPPD Patch

By Patrick Lynn

Friday morning we reported breaking news of a SWAT team response at two area homes in an early morning drug raid. Since the story was picked up by other news outlets, assumptions have run rampant throughout social media and include accusations of an overkill response by police, wasting taxpayer dollars and other comments like, “Come on- it’s just a little weed.”

Editorial: Did Your Council Member Step Up at Monday’s Meeting?


Left, Alderwoman Joanne Suomi. (City-Times photo)

By Brandi Makuski

It was an unusual- some say a long- anticipated- opportunity for City Council Members on Monday when they got the chance to break down the formality of the February public meeting and publicly air grievances regarding communication with the mayor’s office. Mayor Andrew Halverson told the City-Times in December he would schedule time during an upcoming meeting for city alderpersons to discuss the communication expectations of his office.  That gave Council Members two full months to do their homework, cite specific concerns and determine what they wanted to say.

Editorial: Groupon is Proof Intelligence Not Required for Success


By Patrick Lynn

Groupon is honoring President’s Day by giving its customers $10 off certain purchases today, homage to the man whose resemblance is bore on the ten dollar bill, President Alexander Hamilton.

Editorial: Could ‘Miracle on Ice’ Hold Same Weight it Did Back in ’80?


Left, the 1980 American hockey victory over the Soviets. (

By Patrick Lynn

The United States Hockey team beat the Russians Saturday 3-2 in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Editorial: Another Round of Changes Hits the City-Times


Check out area NRG Media stations starting Monday for the first ever City-Times commercials. (logos courtesy of NRG Media)

By Brandi Makuski

We couldn’t wait any longer- we’re spring cleaning now.

Editorial: Believe the Rodent in Philly, Or the One in Milwaukee?

groundhog 2014

Left, Wynter the Groundhog predicts an early spring. But that does that mean?

By Patrick Lynn

I assumed my fist day back from vacation would be a safely- slow news day. But this morning I was burdened with an annoying task:

Editorial: 50th Annual Jamboree Promises to Delight

Fishing Ike's

Left, Courtney Carpenter of Stevens Point, then 5 years old, ice fishing in 2013. (City-Times photo)

Show goes on Saturday sans ice fishing contest

By Brandi Makuski

The Izaak Walton Winter Jamboree is often a “who’s who” of local society. Past jamborees have typically brought current

Editorial: School District Dropped the Ball on Tuesday’s Cancellations

Attila and Renae

Left, Superintendent Attila Weninger (left) talks with Board Member Renae Sheibley (purple sweater) at a school board meeting. Weninger works with other leaders from the bus garage and area schools to determine closing schools. (City-Times photo)

By Brandi Makuski

We were close to breaking one of our ethical standards yesterday- oh, so close.

Editorial: How to Get Thrown Out of a Public Meeting


Left, Whiting resident Reid Rocheleau has been tossed out of several city & school board meetings for his inappropriate behavior. (City-Times photo)

By Patrick Lynn

Criticizing elected officials is nothing new. In many ways it’s a part of our country’s heritage, and the public should hold their elected representatives accountable when they step out of line or vote against the wishes of the constituency.

Editorial: Kudos to the District for Cancelling School in Advance

No School

Editorial: Does the City Council Need a Change- Up?

2013 cc photo

By Brandi Makuski

“No man who ever held the office of president would congratulate a friend on obtaining it.” -John Adams

The same sentiment can be said for any elected office- and generally the higher the office, the greater the responsibility and the harsher the scrutiny.

Editorial: Celebrating Festivus With The Annual Airing of Grievances


Compiled by City-Times Staff

City-Times staff members work hard throughout the year to bring you the very best in ultra- local news in an unbiased, straight-forward manner.

Column: Shop Last Minute; Shop Local

buy local

By Jacob Mathias

Christmas is soon upon us, and this is one of the biggest traveling weekends of the year. There’s still so much to do for many families, and if you’re anything like many of our staff members, at least some of your gift- shopping is still ahead of you, and you dread the thought of going to a large chain store.

Editorial: Council, Mayor Clearly Not Communicating Effectively

mom dec committee

Left, Alderman Mike O’Meara at committee meetings in December. O’Meara has said he uses his cell phone to follow the meeting agenda- which also sits in hard copy form on the table in front of him. (City-Times photo)

By Patrick Lynn

Stevens Point City Council Members and Mayor Halverson are having obvious communication problems. In a series of puzzling exchanges

Editorial: General Public Will Follow Journalism’s Example of Sensationalism

yellow journalism

Left, nonsense like this is not always so easy to spot. (Stock photo)

By Brandi Makuski

It’s the easiest thing in the world to buy hype.

Editorial: Fast Food Strike Falls Flat


By Brandi Makuski

In a press release from Wisconsin Jobs Now, fast food workers are “fired up and their not going to take it anymore”.